Barefoot Running, The Movie / Trailer


The Visually Stunning & Easy-To-Follow Minimalist Running DVD That Will Help You Run Lighter, Faster, and Easier than Ever Before!

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After a near-death accident in 2006, Michael Sandler was told he'd never run again. With a titanium femur & hip, plus a lifetime of plantar fasciitis, it was only through barefoot running & the methods taught here he was able to heal & run again. Meanwhile, Jessica Lee had quit running with sore knees and terrible shin splints until she followed in Michael's footsteps. They now bring you this comprehensive how-to video with everything you need to know to get started right now and safely.

Learn the secrets to great running form for roads and trails, winter and summer, tools for improving strength and flexibility, plus choosing minimalist footwear.

Some of the most important things you’ll learn:

  1. How and where to land for minimum impact
  2. Which shoes can actually help your feet
  3. How to get strong, balanced and avoid injuries

Filmed on Maui, it's 76 min. & 17 chapters of visually stunning footage & inspiring music by Barefoot Truth, Zachary Bergen and two-time Grammy Award winning Robert Mirabal aka Johnny Whitehorse and bonus material!


A little excitement to get you going!

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